Hi. I am the original source behind the scandal at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison in Irma, WI. Children have been systemically gassed inappropriately with capsicum spray, which is banned in warfare per the Geneva Convention. The kids were smoked bombed in their concrete block cells with pepper spray often.

Radio interview:…


Corrupt players: I have paperwork that looks funny * and my nose is also giant.

Ex- security director Bruce Sunde *

Thomas Wanta — mke * stole my voice

Hector Colon — mke * let Thomas Wanta steal my voice

Ed Wall — DOC & DOJ *

Brad Schimel — DOJ *

DOJ agent Paul Connell

Governor Scott Walker

short read version:…

ACLU PRESS Conference…

The Milwaukee chapter of the ACLU went to Federal court last week, alleging kids were systemically gassed @ Wisconsin’s only juvenile prison for boys and girls.  I actually went into federal court a few weeks before them and I am suing Scott Walker and Brad Schimel for witness intimidation in association with this child abuse scandal.  Poor people need be creative in accessing the courts in a political scandal ( this is my 3rd political scandal I guess ).

They say they gassed 200 kids in 2016 at Lincoln Hills.  With all the missing and shredded documents I will assume that is an under reporting if anything.  How many did they gas at Waupun this year? Green Bay?  So they gas kids but not adults in Wisconsin prisons?

I am glad the ACLU named new Department of Corrections Chief John Litschner in the suit because John loves gas.  John was gassing kids back during his first stint as DOC Chief.  John was an interesting replacement by Governor Scott Walker after the former Chief Ed Wall got his ass canned for shredding documents in a child abuse scandal involving gassed kids.  The concealment of this child abuse scandal started prior to Governor Scott Walkers Presidential run.

Documents shredded by ex-cabinet member Ed wall…

Gag orders and missing paperwork, statement by legislator La Tonya Johnson:…

Your mainstream media only mentions the two lawsuits filed by the ACLU and Sidney Briggs in the press.  Sidney was in a coma awhile.  My suit was filed in Portland before anyone and it is the 2nd time I have tried to access the Federal court for help with Lincoln Hills. (case #3:16-cv-2360-MO)  I filed previous documents with the Milwaukee clerk January 2016.  Most of the papers in this link are certified.…… witness intimidation

The ACLU sure picks some funny times to pop up.  I do not mind your media and people in charge stealing my story and denying me my own history.  I’m just saying if the white people at the ACLU cosigned my story than it must be true.  Nothing is true in Wisconsin till the courts say so and the courts are ran by white people who have judged and oppressed me my entire life.  I am white but cannot help but see the blatant racism that exists in Wisconsin courts and media.  I am judging them like they have me and that is the trait I hate most of my character.  The ACLU sent me a denial of help letter last year after ACLU lawyer Jarrett English called me from his google phone.

I am glad the ACLU did me such a big favor in cosigning my gassing story anyway.  I have never been treated as close to human by Wisconsin courts and so I do not trust them.  The first time the ACLU popped up was at a convenient time right after I had roasted legislator Johnathan Brostoff for trying to manipulate me with words. ACLU representative Jarrett English just happened to be nearby to video legislator Johnathan Brostoff’s arrest.  His arrest looked stage.…

Legislator Johnathan Brostoff is interesting in that he was poking around my shit and his comments were just foul.  I did an “election special” blog and I mentioned how he had no competition in this past years election. Funny I could not get help for the life of me but here he is the only safe guy on the election board and Johnathan Brostoff is talking shit to me?  Do you not think a child abuse scandal which started prior to Scott Walkers Presidential run is relevant?  I thought it was to Wisconsin elections.  After being gassed and intimidated legislator Johnathan Brostoff thought he would run his mouth to me. He wanted access to the kids I know from Lincoln Hills and he got shit.  He did not get that if I did not do this, than it would not have got done.

The few negative responses I received online came from rural communities in Wisconsin.  The people in the city were all kind enough to not scream, harass or talk shit to a potential child abuse victim.  A few country folk were upset I am not a professional journalist.

Brostoff…… Evidence link stuff w/ description of how gas was abused… Evidence w/ intimidation pic

They use to stick a stick in our dicks day one per policy at the health office when you arrived at the prison.  Idk what the fuck for but it seems they could of used pee or blood for the testing one would think? That is one of the many reasons why I have continually stayed engaged in this scandal.  Not that I had much of a choice after I went on the news.  Do you want to tell me how to act?

Were you gassed?  Were you intimidated after going on the news a year ago as the first person on camera for this scandal?  Are you mentally ill? What number political scandal are you on? Does your spouse wake up everyday married to a mentally ill person?  Are you a political pawn like the kids? Do you know who the enemy is?  I don’t always and it is embarrassing.  I at least know the Russian’s didn’t gas any of the kids at Lincoln Hills.…  My first two political scandals detailed here.  I use catchy blog titles like propaganda.  Sue me!!!

So how did the Wisconsin democrats get destroyed in Wisconsin again this past election?  Did you all see Senate minority leader Peter Barca’s press release on the front page alleging a political cover up at Lincoln Hills?  It was not there, so I doubt it.…Barca…  Did you see the prison guards union leader Troy Bauch’s statement?

So I hear all the politicians with their issues and what not.  I see the Orlando and France flags.  I was just curious if you could spare a safety pin for the gassed kids in your own back lawn maybe Wisconsin?

While I am talking of politician’s let me not forget Gwen Moore’s son Supreme the convicted voting day tire slasher.  This legislator made all the press appearances for Lincoln Hills.  Then voting day came on Hector Colon’s re-appointment and Supreme Moore Omukunde had pneumonia. His friend Tim Rickets texted me that Supreme was on his death bed and that he knew me.  Supreme’s friend thought someone had intentionally hurt legislator Supreme Moore Omukunde and he messaged me as much.  Now were all in a Lifetime movie:)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel alleges money may have went around Milwaukee over the re-appointment of Health and Human Services director Hector Colon.  I said the health and human services director!!! dark$$$

One of Supreme’s many press appearances.

It took an insider to get this all started and it apparently was not going to be a Wisconsin Judge, lawyer, or politician.  It was a former Lincoln Hills kid.  Where have they been anyway?  I see the ACLU made it into court behind me.  My past experiences have helped some.  Your politicians go to the TV and newspapers the day after we talk for their appearance and I have a trail of proof.

Governor Scott Walker recently went to both Guantanamo Bay and the Merrill airport recent.  So he was actually in the city of Merrill and did not go to visit Lincoln Hills?

And Lincoln County is republican, here are this past years voting results


The sad thing is Senator Tom Tiffany has to be a player in the cover up as it is his area.  They just replaced the district attorney thankfully. They have ignored me from day one anyway, so good riddance Mr.Dunphy.

Senator Tiffany made the following statement after Ethan Allen was closed to his local small town paper:

“I applaud the governor’s support of Lincoln Hills,” stated Rep. Tom Tiffany. “The people who manage and operate the facility have made it the best of its type in Wisconsin. With Ethan Allen downsizing, now is the right time for the state to invest the necessary resources to ensure that Lincoln Hills can carry out its mission. … Lincoln County has been hit hard by the recession. The expansion of Lincoln Hills will bring in badly needed, good jobs to the area. Local officials, including (Merrill) Mayors (Bill) Bialecki and Lee and (Lincoln) County Board Chair (Bob) Lussow have done a great service to the area by lobbying for Lincoln Hills.”

Merrill’s Mayor statement:  “The benefit from Lincoln Hills expanding will be huge for the area, Tomahawk Mayor Bob Lee observed. It will result in people renting apartments, buying homes. Money from paychecks will be spent at area businesses and have a big impact in the area.”

Closing down Lincoln Hills would hurt the Republican party possibly.  They are already having problems with fair election maps in Wisconsin I believe.  I have lost my interest in politics personally. I have been paid zero, endorse none and have no organizational ties.

Timeline of Events: The scandal started prior to Governor Scott Walker’s Presidential run.

1)  October 2014  =  I called Lincoln Hills on a humbug and asked the former Security Director Bruce Sunde if they were still using gas at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison today?  He acted funny with me and was evasive with a simple question which was do you use capsicum spray at Lincoln Hills today?

2)  November 2014  =  I blogged about me and Bruce’s conversation asking the citizens of Wisconsin to call Bruce Sunde by name to stop the abuse of gas. Confirmed document shredder Ed Wall and Attorney General Brad Schimel let Bruce Sunde retire quietly at the start of the investigation March 2015. The State has changed it’s story multiple times on who the original whistle blower was, but claim it came out of Milwaukee County November 2014.  That’s about the exact same time I blogged about the gas abuse. I did not expect people to listen.

* Guard Chad Mauk was the only staff member who spoke out against the prison and he has been the only guard charged with child abuse in a separate legal matter.

My 1st blog: November 2014

Look under the comments section where in I wrote quote ‘Wisconsin is still mass gassing children today.have fun getting a member of Wisconsin’s bureaucracy too listen,” February 27, 2015.

3) January 2015 = The Wisconsin Department of Justice allegedly starts an investigation.

4)  March 2015 = I send my blog to Madison DHS and a few other places.  I get a generic email reply from DHS on a different thread.  This is significant as the reply came about the same time as Bruce Sunde’s quiet retirement this same month.  Attorney General J.B. Von Hollen must have overlooked something before he left town.

5) July 19th, 2015 = Scott Walker announces his Presidential run.

6) July 25th, 2015 = I get a call from Juvenile Department of Corrections Agent Charles Crawford Fisher stating that gas abuse is a problem today at Lincoln Hills.  That’s a weird call and I start talking to my friends and family about it all 6 months before I am on the news.

7)  September 2015 =  Scooter drops out of the Presidential race.

8) October 2015 = Scooter changes State John Doe laws, which protect politicians from bribery and public misconduct in office charges being brought against them.

December 2015  = Lincoln Hills is raided and I convince ABC to put me on camera.  Hallelujah!!!

April 2016 = Governor Scott Walker made 56 State law changes all at once April 2016.  Maybe some bullshit up in all that.

In my first blog after going on the news I wrote:

( These people are going to use my mental illness against me and they have )

“ABC Wausau news put a camera on me in December 2015 but never mentions I have been calling since July and called the week before the story broke also.I called ABC news and the Lincoln County District Attorney a week before the story broke publicly matter fact.  I told them about the confirmation call I had received July 25th and said I’ve yet to see it in the news and I thought it should be.  I also said I would be filing my own John Doe complaint in Lincoln County to stop the gassings myself if they had not yet been.  I have filed numerous John Doe complaints before and am familiar.

I faxed democrat Mandela Barnes my documents to reveal the cover up.I am connected to the start of the investigation and a man named Bruce Sunde who was the former Security Director at Lincoln Hills. Bruce Sunde was evasive the one time I spoke with him and I had asked a simple question, which was do you use pepper/oc spray at Lincoln Hills?  The public has a right to know how chemical weapons are being used on our children.

Scott Walker and Attorney General Brad Schimel are two republicans who do not appear to be on the same page in regards to the release of the names of the Department of Corrections employees put on leave over this debacle.  It is convenient for none of them that I am the original source of this story and I am the one who stopped the gassing’s. I am not human.I am mentally ill,poor,and labeled. I have also been doing everyone’s job for them and so pardon my audacity in asking for a pardon. Robert Downey Jr. got one last week and what’s he ever done?

I have received hate mail propaganda from hate groups and called the FBI and Department of Justice and received no reply. You’d think having the original Lincoln Hills documents and the hate mail propaganda I reported might bring them to have a chat with me but I have been ignored by the same politicians now jestering in front of your cameras.I have contacted every politician and media in Wisconsin you could think of.  ABC put me on and made me look crazy.  Their is a lot of media sleeping on the truth and not stepping forward.”  Walker and Schimel beef

Letter from Ed Wall to Brad Schimel:

Brad Schimel I believe called me mentally ill in an attempt to discount me right after I was on the news.  He did not say my name and I am unsure of who else he would of been referring to in the clip I heard.  I hope that stays a convenient position for authorities because I actually just might be.

I hope I don’t go out like Austin Lashbrook.  His Mom went to the news after I did and said “yeah they are gassing my kid to”.  After Austin’s mom spoke to the press Austin suddenly faced multiple felony counts and staff alleged he was the reason they gassed 200 kids this past year.  The mainstream media actually published that bullshit.  Lincoln Hills is ran by Milwaukee kids not a caucausian kid from Eau Claire if anything.  Mom–382293051.html  Austin is 90% the problem!!! LOL

Specifically the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does some good stuff to assist the cause, but then they publish some shit like they did about Austin.  They show pictures of the Milwaukee riot, but where is the white rural prison guard gang?  I have not seen their mugshots on the news. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has withheld information that may have influenced people during the election season would be my analysis.

I called Niko Savidge of the Wisconsin State Journal 6 months before this story was ever in the press after receiving a call from Charles Crawford Fisher confirming the gas abuse.  Niko never stepped forward.  I knew from day one the media would only be of so much help.

To them I would say you do not need to be a great person to report child abuse.  This is the first thing I have ever felt compelled to stand up for so strongly and I have no regrets.  I am cool with you feeding your family off my work and smearing the story away from the corrupt politicians at every turn.

I can be hard to communicate with and some people do not like me.  I had 35 friends on Facebook before this all started and now have 450. The only reason they are their is because I thought they may protect me and my family.  I was only on Facebook prior to all this so I could let me kid know I once existed and her father loved her.

I may have pushed buttons I should not of.  Scott Walker is a union buster.  If I broke up the corrupt juvenile prison union in Wisconsin, I can die with that.  I got most of my playbook from gangster politicians and for that I give thanks.  You taught me well.

Things do not change much:

In the 1970’s Wisconsin held juvenile Native Americans at Lincoln Hills disproportionately.  The 80’s brought a lawsuit from some girls alleging abuse.  I was their in 1997 for 3 months I will never forget. It is now 2017!

My past works: see titles

john doe schmoe media & politician eyes on me group to end cover up email from Walkers people election blog Event to take document shredder Ed Walls job and we did:)

Wisconsin has some professional lobbyists and protesters sure right.  When George Soros pulls up with his limo and my check, I’ll let you know.  LOVE.

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I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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