I understand the challenge of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations because I lived through many of them. My story is not about getting knocked down; it is a story about getting up again…

As a child I was the only African American student in many childhood classrooms. I was bullied—not only by the other students, but by teachers as well. I UNDERSTAND what it feels like to be lonely, isolated and mistreated.
I have lived on my own since I was a teenager. I worked various fast food jobs to support myself and to finance my education. I UNDERSTAND what it is means to sacrifice, struggle and persevere to accomplish goals and realize dreams.
I helped raise step kids, foster kids and I raised my own son while climbing the corporate ladder. I UNDERSTAND how hard it can be to balance work, family and personal ambition.

I struggled for years with an eating disorder. I UNDERSTAND what it is like to try to fill emptiness and pain with “stuff”.13872987_634878120020329_1545036060539914332_n
I have worked in corporate America for almost 30 years. I UNDERSTAND how hard it is to exist and excel in a corporate culture that is slow to embrace change and diversity.

I have always followed my own heart and my own moral compass. I UNDERSTAND what it means to “yes” to personal principles and beliefs even when society says “no”. I KNOW what it means to live without apology and without permission.

None of it was fun or easy; some of my decisions cost me greatly. But every part of the journey has brought me precisely to where I am today – a woman committed to living my truth and helping others live theirs too.


I have coached amazing people for more than 25 years and I know 3 important things for sure. I KNOW you want to feel successful (in whatever way YOU define it). I KNOW you want to be loved — genuinely, for who you truly are. And, I know, too, that you want to make a difference. You want to live a higher purpose.

And what I also know for sure is that the better you understand, heal and learn from your deep hurts, hidden scars and invisible wounds, the more effectively you can create a life that supports and satisfies you.

That is why I am on this mission. I am inspired to share my path, and I am committed to supporting others as they navigate their own meandering course through this journey called life….

I am committed to helping you Dare to Soar Higher so you can live the life that you were destined to live because I believe a place of greatness awaits when we discover who we are and recognize the power of our potential.

I am here to serve and support you, and you can start today. I would love to hear from you.

May your life bring you all of the happiness, joy and the passion that you desire!

Blessings to you always,

ShaRon Jamison


Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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