The ACLU stealing credit for my work on the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal is significant.  I took the intimidation and got the job done and my family will forever live with this being the main reason.  The other reason is because I have paperwork that suggests a high level of corruption among Wisconsin politician’s in order to conceal Lincoln Hills for their own political gain.  Changing state of Wisconsin John Doe laws was the first thing Scott Walker did after dropping out of the Presidential race October 2015.  Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws in the middle of a child abuse scandal that started prior to his Presidential run.  I have paperwork that shows Lincoln Hills was concealed prior to Scott Walker’s Presidential run.

The main few reasons I feel I can convict Governor Scott Walker on Lincoln Hills for public misconduct is because I have an open records request on a retired Bruce Sunde.  I asked the citizens of Wisconsin to call Bruce Sunde by name to stop gassing the kids at Lincoln Hills November 2014.  The investigation allegedly started January 2015. Former Security Director Bruce Sunde quietly retired prior to Scott Walker’s Presidential run.  I received a confirmation of a gassing problem from state agent Charles Crawford Fisher July 2015 the same week Scott Walker announced his Presidential run.  It was a weird call.  Scott walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws October 2015 the same month I called Lincoln County and told them I would be filing a John Doe myself to stop the gassing’s of the children in their back lawn.  Changing said law mid scandal protects Wisconsin politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges being brought against them.  The call from Charles was enough for me to make a call to the media in Wausau October 2015 additionally.  Lincoln County is corrupt on Lincoln Hills and the DA Dan Dunphy recently retired.  The media and politicians have known a long time.  I was the first person on the news and the key blogger/whistleblower.  Toot, Toot!!  Bruce Sunde  Pics get to the point but I have been on news, radio, etc. Scanned paperwork.

Their is a distinct difference in style in how Lincoln Hills is told from me and from the ACLU.  The ACLU has Ray Charles to all the corrupt politician’s but bark like a dog on everything else.  Larry Dupuis and Molly Collins of the ACLU are stealing credit for my work.  It may be because I have a lengthy record?  Whatever it may be, I never gassed kids, concealed it and tried to politically gain off of it.

The main two reasons I do not care for the ACLU is because they appear to be instigators and full of shit.  ACLU representative Jarrett English called me from a google phone over a year ago, right before they sent me my denial letter and they then went to work on the case allegedly. Jarrett just happened to be the person who filmed legislator Johnathan Brostoff’s fake arrest/detainment that made the news.  I am saying legislator Brostoff’s detainment looked staged.and he said “I was just handing out gum.”  I have never met anyone detained or arrested for that before but ACLU representative Jarrett English’s camera did that frightful night.

Funny, a week before that I was roasting Oak Creek legislator Johnathan Brostoff for trying to manipulate Lincoln Hills original source (me) with words.  The next he was in a paddy wagon.

The ACLU strolled into court two weeks after I tried to access the federal courts for a 2nd time.  My papers in this blog are certified:

I have done various blogs.  This blog has 12 k views.

Speaking of Scott Walker’s child abuse scandal, I will ask a few question’s your main stream media keeps missing as they cover the topic in Wisconsin.  Like would Donald Trump have won Wisconsin in a closely contested contest had republican Scott Walker been jailed immediately after his failed Presidential run?  I mean for keeping the systemic gassing of children quiet while he ran?  Scott Walker should have been immediately arrested for changing John Doe laws in the middle of a child abuse scandal would be my contention.  Our mainstream media writes and writes, but keeps missing.  Help!

The ACLU sure picks some funny times to pop up.  I do not mind your media and people in charge stealing my story and denying me my own history.  I’m just saying if the white people at the ACLU cosigned my story than it must be true.  Nothing is true in Wisconsin till the courts say so and the courts are ran by white people who have judged and oppressed me my entire life.  I am white but cannot help but see the blatant racism that exists in Wisconsin courts and media.  I am judging them like they have me and that is the trait I hate most of my character.  The ACLU sent me a denial of help letter last year after ACLU lawyer Jarrett English called me from his google phone.  I am glad the ACLU did me such a big favor in cosigning my gassing story anyway.

The difference between me and the ACLU is I want Scott walker to go to jail for Lincoln Hills.  It would make the story way bigger and I would be famous.  The ACLU from my point of view was brought in to wrap up Lincoln Hills real neat for the State, so that everyone but me could move on. The Milwaukee Journal and Wisconsin State Journal have known of these details since before the Presidential election.  They know who I am and could have prevented 200 kids from being gassed in 2017.  I bet had they wrote about the politicians who actually implement policy, some shit would have happened.  All Scott Walker is going to do is throw 20 prison guards under the bus, maybe destroy a cabinet member named Ed Wall for shredding documents as ordered and spread dark money to guys like Hector Colon of Milwaukee.  Recent news reports say Hector Colon just resigned from a huge salary after I put him on blast for helping steal my voice.  He now is President of Wisconsin Lutheran Social Services.  They took care of Hector.

The ACLU –

MY Past blogs:

2014 –

early 2016 – roasting Brostoff  All eyes on me.  Wisconsin Public Radio doing some nice editing work and helping to conceal Lincoln Hills.  So if the guards were the original whistle blowers, why did they later gas 200 kids? LOL.  The ACLU is not the only one trying to steal credit for my work and so I know it must be good.

Documents have been shredded and a gag order imposed.

The coverage by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has helped and hurt both.  In their version of events they make child abuse document shredder Ed Wall look like a hero damn near.  Yeah, he got caught in this scandal shredding documents after he was given a cushy job at the Dept of Justice.  He got replaced by the Dept of Corrections after  Lincoln Hills became public for a reason.

Scott Walker has public beef with both Ed Wall and Brad Schimel over Lincoln Hills.  Significant and documented below.




I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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