Until later in the year, the Agenda Show will have only been held once in California this year. The show that took place in mid-January was only one of three stops during the current tour, the other two being in Las Vegas and New York. The Long Beach Convention Center held the two-day event, where several lifestyle brands held booths to showcase their merchandise to fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Thousands of brands are projected make appearances at the three-stop show. Agenda was originally designed to focus on brands relating to skateboard and surf culture. But the show has progressively and organically evolved into something much larger. And now, your regular everyday clothing and lifestyle brands don’t shy away from promoting their gear at these events. Rather than seeing just brands such as Vans and Billabong, you can now also find brands like Toms and Levis.

Most brands were displaying there upcoming collections, from recent footwear companies like Creative Recreation,

creative rec

…to veteran sporting companies like Jansport.


Even Obey was advertising new merchandise, and they weren’t at all hesitant about promoting woman empowerment.

obeywomen obeyjacket

It’s no wonder why both company representatives and consumers, from around the world, are willing to fly out to such a diverse trade show.

Everyone at the show still seemed to be star-struck from the day before, where big pro skateboarding names like Paul Rodriguez and Mark Gonzalez were representing their brands.

The more time that we spent there, the more apparent that it became that we were there on what most were calling hangover-day. Therefore, many of the professional team riders for big brands were no longer present, and as a big fan of skateboarding and surfing, I was deeply saddened by this. But my spirits were easily lifted by the extent of Agenda’s interactive nature. The show emphasized the importance of the relationship between a company and its customers. This is likely to be good reasoning behind the shows exponential growth. I mean, what business doesn’t want to build a relationship with consumers in such a collaborative environment?

It wasn’t hard to tell that everyone was having a good time, as each booth contributed in creating an exciting atmosphere.

SkullCandy had their own DJ to entertain show-goers,

DJ skullcandy dj

…InCase spectators were flying a drone,

drone incase drone

…and Champion was doing custom embroidering on any product that fans asked.

Champion Shoes

By the end of the day, the main food court had slowed down drastically, and eventually closed early. This was probably because even the staff had been drinking beers all day in order to cure their hangovers. However, booth workers and brand representatives were still hard at work and earning customer loyalty by holding long conversations and passing out free merchandise.

The Agenda Show will be in Las Vegas and New York in the coming weeks, and will return to Long Beach again in July.

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