All Men Rock will be Hosting a Yacht Casting Call Sponsored by Carefree Boat Club September 30th

MILWAUKEE – Sept. 26, 2016 – PRLog — The television talk show for men “All Men Rock” will be hosting a Yatch casting call on September 30th 2016 at 6:00PM to 8:00PM Location: Carefree Boat Club 601 E Erie Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (in the rear on the riverfront) with special guest appearances by former NFL player Victor B. Cohen, 840 WTMJ radio personality Derrell Connor and its creator Tam Lawrence a Milwaukee native.

In a society racially divided, overwhelmed by violence, where men of all ethnicities seldom congregate on one accord– sadly in a community where over 76% of head-of-household is lead by women, it is primetime for men to stand in a positive light. All Men Rock is not just a television talk show; it’s a lifestyle.

ALL MEN ROCK will be giving you the inside scoop on the male perspective on leadership, current events, success, entrepreneurship, community, family, and relationships. The creator Tam Lawrence has previously collaborated with pro athletes, radio personalities, celebrities, clergy, and community leaders as cast members for the show. The show will feature a studio audience and a number of guests such as: politicians, professional psychotherapist, life coaches, financial experts, chefs, and more. This is a nice change of pace from the regular primetime talk show programming. It will be interesting to see their different personalities opinions on certain topics.

About the Creator

Ms. Lawrence the creator of “ALL MEN ROCK,” raised her son alone, she studied at Marquette University earning her degree in communication and psychology. As a single-parent mother Lawrence- strategically wrapped male mentors around her son. Today, her son is a graduate of Marquette University, an active father as well as a highly-respected political campaign organizer. “All Men Rock,” is not just a television talk show- it’s a lifestyle. “It’s about overcoming life’s obstacles, understanding one’s value, it’s about humanity and hope.” Once a week ALL MEN ROCK will spread positivity, empowerment and inspire the world.

“We want so badly for our children to grow up and become well-rounded citizens. Realistically, how can you ever become something you can not identify with? I can’t become something I have no knowledge of. All Men Rock will reinforce positive thoughts, hope, and immensely change the future of today boys and tomorrow men,” said Ms. Lawrence the creator of “ALL MEN ROCK.”

This is a nice change of pace from the regular primetime talk show programming. It will be interesting to see their different personalities opinions on certain topics.


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Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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