The Woman Behind “ALL MEN ROCK” The Talk Show for Men

Posted on January 11, 2013, 7:53 pm
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IMG_0197Lawrence graduated from Marquette University soon after she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she hit the ground running, building her career as a Public Relations professional. Lawrence has been creating for years, she is the CEO of Exposure Magazine accessible in 212 countries, Publisher of Urban Wall Street Journal newspaper, and the Director of Communication at ROTH & LAWRENCE  a boutique public relations firm.

Lawrence has since lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia and Kona, Hawaii. In 2015 Lawrence returned to Milwaukee to care for her mother, who was diagnosed with dementia. “Together we fight.” stated Ms. Lawrence

Since returning she has opened a small boutique public relations office in the 3rd Ward, launching “PR Geek Squad,” a training program for small business owners, in January of 2015 she hosted the 1st annual women’s empowerment summit, called “SOAR” featuring keynote speaker Judge Michelle Havas, lastly  her most recent accomplishment– Lawrence pitched “All Men Rock,a positive talk show for men about men to CBS 58 with their approval the show is set to air in 2017.

The talk show “All Men Rock” formerly aired in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 on the selected networks Comcast and AT&T U-Verse- past footage can be found on YouTube.

In a society racially divided, overwhelmed by violence, where men of all ethnicities seldom congregate on one accord– sadly in a community where over 76% of head-of-household is lead by women, it is primetime for men to stand in a positive light. All Men Rock is not just a television talk show; it’s a lifestyle.

ALL MEN ROCK will be giving you the inside scoop on the male perspective on leadership, current events, success, entrepreneurship, community, family, and relationships. The creator Tam Lawrence has previously collaborated with pro athletes, radio personalities, celebrities, clergy, and community leaders as cast members for the show.  The show will feature a studio audience and a number of guests such as: politicians, professional psychotherapist, life coaches, financial experts, chefs, and more. This is a nice change of pace from the regular primetime talk show programming. It will be interesting to see their different personalities opinions on certain topics.

Open Casting Call for ALL MEN ROCK production will be held on August 13th at ROTH & LAWRENCE Public Relations Firm 342 North Water Street 6th Floor Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 at 1:00PM – 4PM  for more details email

For more details on media/press coverage or commercial ad space please contact the production team by calling (414) 856-5330 your support

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Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter

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