Human beings have long been fascinated by the idea that the world as it appears to us is not the ultimate reality. In recent years, however, such metaphysical speculations have taken on a more materially conceivable form. Computer-based virtual reality makes the idea that we could be living in a simulation more than just an abstract possibility; some very smart people even think that this is not only possible, but likely. Very likely.

If you, me and every person and thing in the cosmos were actually characters in some giant computer game, we would not necessarily know it. The idea that the universe is a simulation sounds more like the plot of “The Matrix,” stated Ms. Lawrence

Movies like Dark City and The Matrix are set in worlds in which the inhabitants don’t realize they’re actually living in a virtual space. To those people, everything in the world seems tangible. They don’t realize everything they encounter, whether it’s food, clothes, buildings or even other people, are actually just bits of data organized to simulate reality.

We gather information through sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Using this input, our brains interpret the world around us and create the experience of what we call reality.

What about our own world? Is it virtual?

Our senses inform our perception of the world.

The virtual world is the NEW WORLD NETWORK for many, a place to vent, announce and do business. Most importantly, the virtual world is a space to encourage, congratulate, and admire others. Everyday I check my Facebook account at least 6 times a day, I comment, like and share post.

On a day like to today, I am known to vent and express my truest thoughts.

Hectic! As a single woman I have every little company these days, so my virtual friends are merely closer to me than others. I often wonder are people really effected by the comments made.

14344710_10209048820392569_6243637275842685918_nHOPE F. BATES, BUSINESS OWNER

I think it’s people like Hope F. Bates who’s an amazing woman. Every morning I look forward to reading her post and comments. She has this amazing smile and honest face, that brings me joy when I am down.  Hope is rare, it’s not often you’ll meet another woman willing to celebrate another woman. Hope is an inspiration.


14680745_10154123602623931_770642411582733479_nLEROY MACKENZIE, BOOK AUTHOR & PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER

In addition to women, there are some amazing men on social media site as well like- Leroy McKenzie; he’s totally a positive vessel. McKenzie is a vibrant man who
continually opens his virtual world to others in business.

Wait for a moment post something heartfelt, go back in an hour and see how many people virtually hear you; the effects can be positive or negative but the affects are real.

Virtually we are connected around the globe and our responses do matter #responsesmatter. 


What we perceive is actual our reality? Or does the fact that all of this data must first pass through a filter — our own minds — mean that the world we experience is just a representation of what’s really there? That would mean that all of us inhabit our own virtual worlds all the time. We don’t even need a computer to get there.

UWSJ Newspaper, Publisher

Ms. Lawrence takes pride in delivering high quality presentations that have a lasting impact. She has received enthusiastic testimonials for her presentations throughout the United States. She also serves as the Director of Communication for ROTH & LAWRENCE, LLC. In 2013, Lawrence founded Exposure Magazine, a publication expanding over 200 countries and translated in three languages. Since, she has published another amazing publication Urban Wall Street Journal Newspaper promoting financial literacy, current events, and small businesses around the world. Operating two humanitarian projects demonstrating world change “Soar Women’s Empowerment Summit” and “Paper Bag Book Society,” both are uplifting and rewarding projects. Her most recent accomplishment, after pitching networks for over 4-years the talk show ALL MEN ROCK created by Lawrence will air on CBS 58 in 2017. Lawrence is eager to share her 15yrs of experience working in public relations for celebrities, pro athletes, BRAVO, politicians, and other prestigious brands. Along with 22yrs as an entrepreneur; her ability to overcome obstacles is just a mere glimpse of her story. “I believe my struggles have all been a manifestation-- of my purpose,” said, Lawrence. As a publicist she has galvanized the growth of hundreds of brands. In 2017, she will be publishing her first book titled How Cook Up a PR Plan: a recipe for the right response. The book outlines techniques used by experts in public relations, providing insight into how to cultivate relationships in the real world and online that lead to brand visibility. Lawrence earned an BA in communication from Marquette University, one of the world's top-ranked universities. After graduating, she worked for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, NBA player Jeff McInnis, film producer Cedric Nettles and others.

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