While the Chicago City Council and the state legislature fiddle, or whatever it is they do, the city of Chicago is ablaze in shootings and killings.

By the latest count, there have been some 3,000 shootings and 500 killings so far this year. These are war zone-type statistics. The number shot is always a relevant figure because those doing the shooting are aiming to kill. Those who were shot survived due to the grace of God.
Chicago’s violence is ‘outside my door. And it always has been.’
One would think that the No. 1 priority and the top agenda item of the legislature and the City Council would be to find ways to end the bloodshed.

Yet they are doing nothing. Not only is the violence not at the top of the legislature’s and council’s agendas — it is not even on the agenda. Talk about heads in the sand.


One gets the impression that the taking of human life on a massive scale is tolerated  as a normal way of life on the South and West sides of the city.

The gangs, responsible for the bulk of the violence, are allowed to operate with impunity. The gang members, their leaders and the territories they control through the barrel of a gun are often known by the police and everyone in the neighborhood.

The recent arrest of a score of gang members was a step in the right direction, but arresting individual gang members is not enough. As soon as they are released, they will be back wreaking havoc on neighborhoods.

Until the gang structures are targeted as entities, there will be no end to the violence. They must be eliminated.

Sadly, the reality is that our society has produced some young males who are lost, deprived and depraved with little regard for their lives or the lives of others. Until we can change our ways as a society, we are forced to deal with them harshly before any more lives are lost.
We left Chicago, just in time
The reluctance of lawmakers to make membership in a criminal enterprise — a gang — a crime has to be overcome. They must use every tool at their disposal. Using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act would be a good beginning. Be creative. Do something.

— Ned L. McCray, Tinley Park

Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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