Governor Scott Walker had the scandal at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison concealed before his Presidential run.  The scandal since day one has been about the systemic gassing of Wisconsin children at Wisconsin’s only juvenile prison.  Wisconsin admitted they gassed these children after the cover up was exposed.

Governor Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws mid child abuse scandal October 2015.  The changes made protect politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges being brought against them.  Governor Walker made this change two months before the FBI raid and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have alleged a political cover up at Lincoln Hills.  The Democratic party alleges they were unaware of the gassing issue at Lincoln Hills when Scott Walker changed John Doe laws.  October 2015 happens to be the same month I called the Lincoln County District Attorney’s office and told them I would be filing a John Doe complaint in their back lawn to stop the gassing’s at Lincoln Hills myself.

Former Department of Corrections Chief Ed Wall resigned right after the child abuse scandal and FBI raid broke in the news December 2015.  Ed ended up with a cushy job at the Wisconsin Department of Justice and was put on immediate paid leave pending the Lincoln Hills investigation.  A month later post raid, Ed was caught attempting to shred documents connected to Governor Walker’s office.  Ed is still not in jail and is going to be writing a tell all book about life in Scott Walker’s cabinet.  That sounds like some shit that might get Ed thrown in jail finally and kind of extortive no?

After being caught attempting to shred documents in a federal child abuse scandal, Ed Wall became a savior.  Not only is he about to write a book about how he attempted to save the kids at Lincoln Hills, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel now claims Ed is the original whistle-blower.  The Journal Sentinel first alleged Milwaukee County employee Thomas Wanta to be the whistle-blower, but that changed to Ed Wall.  Nathan Bowey is the person who exposed Lincoln Hills and I have thoroughly documented the scandal since day one.  Maybe I am confused about being the whistle-blower of the largest child abuse scandal in America, but I think I get they are trying to deny me my own history pretty well.  Journal Sentinel version.  They have my blogs and documents.  Ed Wall is still in the news smiling and doing guest appearances on ‘Wake UP Wisconsin’ December 2017.  The media smiles and gives Ed the nicest interviews.  Its like Ed never got caught trying to shred documents in a child abuse scandal.  His book is coming soon don’t forget!  A day after this blog was published, the Journal Sentinel’s response.

Former Security Director Bruce Sunde and myself are the start of the investigation.  I asked the citizens of Wisconsin to call Bruce Sunde by name to stop the gassing’s at Lincoln Hills November 2014.  This was just a few weeks before the investigation allegedly started January 2015.  An open records request indicates Bruce Sunde quietly retired March 2015 a few months prior to Scott Walker’s short Presidential run.  I have been blogging about him since November 2014. (Scroll down page)

Bruce Sunde may actually be indicted per this December 2017 report.

I believe the only reason former Security Director Bruce Sunde may get indicted is because I have thoroughly exposed his name.  Please note that Bruce Sunde was allowed to quietly retire March 2015 before Scott Walker’s Presidential run started and also before Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws.  Governor Scott Walker’s Presidential run started July 2015. Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws October 2015 as soon as he left the Presidential race.  The changes made protect politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges in Wisconsin.

Of course when you read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s above December 2017 report, Bruce is in trouble for hurting a kids arm.  It has nothing to do with the gas.  I grew up reading a newspaper that lies about the gassing of children in their own back lawn.  I do my best to give the media in Wisconsin hell.  A few have treated me pretty good.

Milwaukee County has participated in the cover up since day one in my mind.  Thomas Wanta and ‘Dark Money’ Hector Colon.  The County knew what was up with Hector Colon before he was reappointed as the Health and Human Services Director.  Anyone know where Hector is today?  Hector just quit a job with a very nice salary to head Lutheran Social Services.  Hector decided he no longer wanted his cushy job with the County just out the blue.

Scott Walker was the Executive of Milwaukee County prior to Chris Abele.

Reports indicate Milwaukee County is seeking alternatives to Lincoln Hills.

The ACLU did not take Hector Colons job.  The ACLU did not take Ed Walls job.  Nor the prison guards.  The ACLU is barking but have nothing to say about Scott Walker.  They do not represent me.  They stole credit for my work.

Youth Justice Sharlen Moore – This is what you call a front organization.  Sharlen Moore got $25k from Colin Kaepernick.  She is going around the State protecting kids by giving paid speeches.  Her husband Reggie hangs out with people who are corrupt.  I appreciate the support but not the shady background.  I mostly do not like they got paid while I got intimidated.  People plural have been intimidated over Lincoln Hills on the streets. Youth Justice appears to be funded by the Milwaukee County Diversity office.  Milwaukee County sends the most youth to Lincoln Hills.

I like Colin Kaepernick.  He took his knee on my birthday against the team I grew up loving.  He played like shit the one time I saw him  live and he is from Wisconsin though.  You  should not trust anything political from this State.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin barking (Evan Goyke) and (Martha Laning) – Yeah so you did not so much bring up Lincoln Hills during the Presidential election.  Maybe you should be for the Governor’s race.  Focus on the John Doe law changes made October 2015.  Wink, wink!!!

Do your research and please keep your country ass opinion to yourself when you come across this blog.  Mostly white people down my blogs because it is not a source they know.  Or because I have a criminal record.  Or I am not a professional journalist. Or because I use the word there wrong.  My paperwork looks pretty clean though.

I have been blogging about this topic since 2014, mostly on the Daily Kos and Urban Wall Street Journal.  I use headlines meant to draw attention so I can keep up with Wisconsin’s media spin.  I have blogs with numerous evidence links that go back years.

– Nathan Bowey 1/1/2018

To me the ACLU of Milwaukee are paid government activists in at least two instances, but that’s just my opinion.  Google that time Oak Creek legislator Johnathan Brostoff got held by Milwaukee Police for “chewing gum”.


I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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