Danish superstar Lukas Graham blasted Donald Trump during his sold-out Portland show Saturday 11/12/2016.  Lukas told the mostly caucasian crowd to forget the dogs barking and choppers humming that they heard on their way into the show at the Roseland Theatre.  I tried to a minute.  The young man is a talented singer.

We waited with a friend after the show to catch the bus home.  My wife and I then walked to our Volvo on SW 6th and Stark.  We were about to get in our car and go home when 100’s of protestors ascended upon the block we were parked on.  We quickly jumped in our car and were stuck between the Police and protestors.

The Police assessing the situation checked on us once.  30 minutes later I was scanning the area for a way out, though we were boxed in.  A cop must have seen my desperate look.  The cop approached and said “we are about to gas the area, would you like to evacuate your car?”  My wife and I said “we are pregnant, so yes!”  We walked a few blocks.  30 minutes later we seen the same cop marching by in full riot gear with the squad.  He gave us permission to return to our car.

If anyone should break shit, it should be me.  I am the original source of Governor Scott Walker’s child abuse scandal and their is nothing I can do about it.  Kids at Wisconsin’s only juvenile prison have been systemically abused with capsicum spray, a gas banned in warfare.  I support protestors nationwide and hope they do not lose sight of whatever their purpose may be in their anger.

As it is, I was on a date with my pregnant wife Saturday.  People passed us on dates holding hands.  Workers popped out curious heads for a quick smoke.  The dogs, choppers, flash bangs and gas impact more than just you.  Be safe!



***The irony about the  Portland KATU news crew getting gassed is they filmed me for ABC Wisconsin here in Portland.  They helped me get on the air initially and then the gassed kids became a political scandal.  Then they didn’t know me.  Now here they are getting gassed like the kids in Wisconsin.  Maybe one day mainstream media will  tell the truth again.

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I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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