Everyone has an opinion.  Plenty of press conferences and lawsuits.  Numerous organizations have sprung up over the past few years.  The one thing Wisconsin media and politicians will not tell you is that Governor Scott Walker concealed the gassing’s at Lincoln Hills before his short failed Presidential run.  Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws mid child abuse scandal October 2015 additionally.

How is Scott Walker again running for Governor in 2018?

Wisconsin Democrats have called the scandal at Lincoln Hills a political cover up and allege that they did not know about the gas issue at Lincoln Hills when Scott Walker changed State John Doe laws.   Why do they not just say that what Governor Scott Walker did October 2015 was illegal?  Illegal.

http://www.thewheelerreport.com/wheeler_docs/files/0419barca.pdf Statement from Senate Minority leader Peter Barca




I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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