Both fighters promising to score a knockout, Lemaire and Thompson entered Glory 37 with confidence this weekend in Los Angeles.

Warren Thompson dropped weight to fight Mike Lemaire at middleweight.

“I know that I’m stronger than any of these middleweights in the division. Hands down.”

-Warren Thompson

These were the words spoken by Warren Thompson prior to the fight, where he highlighted the idea that he would use his strength and size to win the fight. Mike Lemaire had something else in mind.

“My skills and my speed are far superior I believe… My plan is to pick him apart, pick my shots nicely, and then start putting the pressure on him until he crumbles.

-Mike Lemaire

At the beginning of the 3-round kickboxing match, Thompson stayed true to the game plan that he had set ahead for himself, which was to stay aggressive and use his power against Lemaire. There was a clear difference in style of either fighter. Thompson certainly preferred hands, constantly throwing punches, whereas Mike Lemaire primarily utilized his low-kicks and sometimes mixed in punches in order to back Thompson up.

Warren Thompson’s aggression often lead Lemaire’s back into the ropes, where he would take several punches before finally regathering himself. By the second round, it became apparent that Mike Lemaire was losing power in his punches.

In the third round, Thompson showed signs that Lemaire’s low-kicks were landing some damage. Warren was often caught with his hands below his waist, although Lemaire was too spent and incapable of taking advantage of these moments. Both fighters exchanged with one another up until the bell.

The fight’s winner was chosen unanimously, as the judges’ scorecards read 29-28 and 30-27. The official decision landed Warren Thompson his first Glory victory.

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