downloadI,   I, Scott Walker pledge accountability and transparency.

The same kind you got with that child abuse scandal of mine.  My scandal involving the systemic gassing of American children started before my Presidential run.  I had it concealed before my run.  I pledge to conceal my scandals better in the future.  No more John Does!!! John Doe Schmoe

I pledge not to undo the new John Doe laws I changed October 2015 during the middle of my child abuse scandal.  Laws that protect politicians from corruption and bribery charges being brought against them are important in Wisconsin and now we have them in writing.  It should bring big business.  You know those jobs I promised come with a price.  You can trust us with your kids and well being.

I pledge not to be the first to drop out of this race like I was the Presidential election.  One moment I felt real good and strong about my Presidential run and the next month I was changing Wisconsin John Doe laws in the middle of a child abuse scandal.  None of the guards have been arrested and so it must not be that bad. Those carjacking bangers in the city need accountability.

I pledge not to screw over Donald Trump again.

You may recall I dropped out of the Presidential race in hopes of uniting Republicans against Donald Trump.  I did this after Mr. Trump had contributed money of his to a campaign of my own.  I guess I owe the guy a few tugs.  I repay all my debts except the ones the State of Wisconsin defers on.

With all these pledges I cannot lose.

The Democrats I hear are going to run District Attorney John Chisholm against me. Me against the democrat who has locked up the most African American men in the world.  I like my odds here.  I use to be Milwaukee County Executive and I am tight with Senator Lena Taylor.  I am going to even be on the number one rated political urban radio show with Earl Ingram, Jr.

I pledge I will beat John Chisholm for Governor in 2018 and I thank the Democratic Party of Wisconsin for all the favors. I will be your Governor again Wisconsin.  It’s great!!! 200 gassed kids.



I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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