Kids are currently being systemically abused and gassed at Wisconsin’s only juvenile prison. Department of Corrections juvenile agent Charles Crawford Fisher called me July 25th, 2015 and confirmed as much.  Numerous politicians have stated their is a cover up at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison. The scandal started prior to Scott Walker’s Presidential run.  I am the original source of the scandal.  Each kid heard the word accountability at sentencing and I hope their abusers get some.  Thank you for your time reading.

My Radio interview:

Video Statement:

Wisconsin media and politicians following me on Facebook:

Me on news December 2015:

The only reason ABC Wausau news put my felonious butt on camera December 2015 is because I had been calling them since before the story actually broke. They never mentioned that or the fact that the first person on camera for Lincoln Hills lives in Oregon. Former Security Director Bruce Sunde is the start of the investigation and political cover up.  Department of Justice head Brad Schimel let Bruce retire quietly March 2015.  Brad Schimel and former Corrections Chief Ed Wall were two of Scott Walker’s top aides and they say their investigation into Lincoln Hills started January 2015.

I noticed Scott Walker announcing his Presidential run July 2015.  I also noticed when he changed state John Doe laws mid scandal October 2015. The changes implemented help protect him and other politician’s from public misconduct and bribery charges on a State level. Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm has been after him a number of years if you re-call.  Kids being abused with gas had got my attention.

I recently learned Lincoln County District Attorney Don Dunphy will be retiring after 16 years.  Their office has been ignoring me anyway.  I wonder if Mr. Dunphy has been corrupted before or if this is his first time?  Plenty coincidences here you will notice and their is some good information in my evidence links. My past blogs have additional evidence links.  I have been documenting everything, as this is my first political scandal (maybe my 2nd).

Scott Walker and Brad Schimel publicly disagree on releasing the employee’s names put on leave and the cost to the taxpayer over this scandal:

The State of Wisconsin has yet to come and get a formal statement from me, though I was on the news December 2015.  I have received hate mail propaganda and have a warrant for possession of marijuana I guess they would like to keep over my head.  I have yet to get a reply from District Attorney John Chisholm though he reads every message I send him.  I first filed on Lincoln Hills in Milwaukee county in December 2014 in a court document.  John has not been of help to me.  Courts stamp my legal papers and for some reason mail them back to me (Racine, Walworth, Kenosha).

I would show up for court on the marijuana case, but it seems unsafe and unwise at this point.  I have received hate mail propaganda since being on the news and the Police have little concern.  I have called numerous Police Stations in Wisconsin to report this issue and as soon as I bring up Lincoln Hills and who I am, they cannot take a report. Wisconsin twice passed on extradition meaning they will not pursue me across state lines.

I see scary Facebook profiles on kids profiles I know from Milwaukee that were recently released from Lincoln Hills.  Kids will friend anyone and it is hard to explain I guess, but I take the scary profiles that I see as someone trying to intimidate me or recruit me for a hate group.  I had never seen anything like this till after I was on the news December 2015 and I started seeing the scary profiles then.  A few messaged me but that was only for a few days December 2015 and I reported as much to authorities.

Sheriff David Clarke has not replied to me, nor County Executive Chris Abele.  I called Mayor Tom Barrett’s office this week and was told Lincoln Hills is not a Milwaukee issue.  I was basically told the same when I called Milwaukee’s Common Council this week as well.  I cannot get these people on the line and with all their concern and media appearances I thought I might.  Their busy counting that $4.5 million Scott Walker is sending their way.  Scott Walker keeps paying and I bet Lincoln Hills stays not a Milwaukee problem.

Money is going around and I also helped the prison guards union receive an 80 cent an hour raise recently.  The prison guard union probably hates me for the embarrassment.  Their representative Troy Bauch publicly stated their is a political cover up that goes up to Governor Scott Walker’s office. I think part of the problem is the powers that be do not like how I talk to them.  They make me nervous in general to start and I can be manic with ptsd.  Am I not suppose to have any problems?  Am I suppose to just shake their hand and hold their dicks while they continue to cover up the political corruption at Lincoln Hills? Cover up Troy Bauch 

I do not mean to sound whiny but most politicians I see on television are lousy and I am going with that statement.  I watch them on television and they seem concerned but I get no reply from most of them after I reach out like, “hey, i seen you on television so can you help?” Their concern ended after the show.  That is not to say a few have not been okay but mostly they make me want to puke.  Their appearances are press appearances and but mere words.

Legislator Johnathan Brostoff recently contacted me and said I was seeking notoriety and the access I have obtained. Please check the evidence links below to see what hate mail propaganda looks like. Sorry if I said some unkind words to Wisconsin’s politicians and media but I am really not.

The State has a possession of marijuana case they are not going to convict me on hanging over my head while people like Ed Wall (the one hundred thousand dollar document shredder) run free.  ABC Wausau knew about my warrant and still put me on television.  Your mainstream media has not helped me on the corruption side of things and have done little without my nudge.  They have stolen my work and have denied me my own history. When I said people were trying to intimidate me, they offered no help.

Former Security Director Bruce Sunde

I had to file my own records request on former security director Bruce Sunde. When you look at the request former DOC chief Ed Wall and Department of Justice Chief Brad Schimel both come back looking funny.  They let Bruce Sunde retire quietly in March 2015 at the start of the alleged investigation.  I blogged about Bruce Sunde November 2014 just a few short weeks before the Lincoln Hills investigation allegedly began in January 2015.  I asked the citizens of Wisconsin to call Bruce by name and ask him to stop gassing the kids at Lincoln Hills today.

ED Wall shreds documents

Ed Wall was given a cushy job at the Department of Justice after being put on leave for the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison investigation.  He has since became a document shredder and is now awaiting Scott Walker’s bus to run his ass over.

9/14/2016– Ed Wall is claiming to be a saint and savior now today as he begs the State of Wisconsin to actually keep paying him a salary post having shredded the documents and letting Bruce Sunde retire quietly.  Notice Ed Wall does not testify under oath himself but rather a new guy Department of Justice Agent Paul Connell enters the story and testifies under oath telling Ed’s story for Ed:

Agent Paul Connell testifes:

Inmates at the state’s troubled juvenile prison last summer swarmed the corrections secretary to complain they were being harmed, according to testimony Tuesday in an employment dispute.  On a visit to Lincoln Hill School for Boys in August 2015, then-Corrections Secretary Ed Wall stopped in the institution’s library.  “The children incarcerated there came up to him all at once,” Department of Justice senior counsel Paul Connell testified. “I perceive it like a magnet attracting a bunch of metal.”  The juveniles told Wall, “They’re hurting us. They’re harming us,” according to Connell, who testified that Wall had told him about the incident twice. Wall asked the inmates for names and other details, but they could not provide them.”

Did either of these agents get written statements from these youth at that time?

They said they were concerned and that their had been an ongoing investigation going on already at the time the kids approached Mr. Wall in August 2015. Ed Wall thinks the taxpayers should keep paying for his services today 9/14/2016. If Ed Wall was a good guy, why was he shredding documents and worried about his job in the first place?

Ed Wall’s employment hearing is being held by Scott walker ran W.E.R.C. ( Wisconsin Employment Resource Connection ) and it is up to them if the taxpayers should keep paying Ed Wall or not. Call 608-243-2424 Leave a message:)


9/14/2016 I called W.E.R.C. and they were cool to me. They stated that because neither the State nor Ed Wall had called me as a witness, they could not view my evidence.  I then called Ed Wall’s lawyers Lester Pine and Dan Bach of Madison just for shit’s again today also.  Ed’s lawyers ignored my call 6 months ago which I thought was odd as he was being killed in the press.  Ed’s lawyers called the Police on me today saying I was intimidating them for just a touch of irony.

Ed Wall is a key corruption player.  I said it’s funny I see him in the paper concerned about his family and the kids at Lincoln Hills.  I told the Madison city Cop who I was and they all could kiss my ass.  I got family to Ed!!!

My government is good to my family so do not mistake shit.

note:  Ed Wall and Paul Connell worked for seperate agencies August 2015.  Paul Connell’s name is not on the visitor’s log for the August 4th trip to Lincoln Hills in question per the article below “top official visited“. The open records request I got back for August 4th 2015 says: They lost the paper copy of the visitors log for the day. So who knows who was where amid the lost and shredded paperwork. Ed Wall told Paul who works for a corrupt Brad Schimel led agency all about it though.

The two articles below say Ed Wall is a SOB and Agent Paul Connells testimony should thus be questioned.–then-praised-its-leaders-b99646879z1-364380301.html



Mark Mertens and Thomas Wanta as the head of juvenile services both tried to assist in the cover up.  Health and Human Services Director Hector Colon is in the same position as Ed Wall now in Milwaukee County. Hector’s job is on the line and a board is to do a vote next week mid September 2016.  They want him to play nice after throwing him under the bus.  Supervisor Steve Taylor said as much in a hearing last week.  Hector knows who I am. Do you see the problem in throwing Hector to the street?  Hector could spill the beans man.

The board vote on Hector Colon 9/20/2016 – Numerous Milwaukee county officials are aware that Hector Colon let Thomas Wanta steal my voice, thus participating in the cover up of child abuse at Lincoln Hills.  I contacted Steve Taylor, Peggy West, Supreme Moore Okumunde, etc.

Gwen Moore’s son Supreme was the only Milwaukee politician on the kids side that I can see. Supreme even went on the record for us this past week in the paper.  Voting day is today and now conveniently Supreme Moore Okumunde is sick.  Supreme has known of me since December 2015 and I am assuming he told the other Milwaukee County Supervisors about me and his reason for saying no to Hector Colon’s re-appointment.  Milwaukee County leaders do not just support racism and segregation, but child abuse as well I hear clear.  The taxpayers are paying Hector again as we speak.

Supreme’s friend Tim Rickets asked me to call him after texting me saying Supreme was on his death bed.  Tim Rickets said he showed Supreme a note with my name on it and Supreme shook his head like he knew me and had my back.  We are all now in a Lifetime movie. His friend said he thought “someone did this to him. ”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the last few days have mentioned dark money groups are supporting Hector Colon.  They let you know after his re-appointment.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is alleging DARK money went around Hector Colon’s re-appointment.  Maybe some people got paid.  The Journal Sentinel noted County Executive Chris Abele is a confirmed dark money contributor in the recent past.  Supreme and Chris Abele are both Milwaukee democrats.  Billionaire Chris Abele has a strong interest in keeping Hector Colon around as both I and the Journal Sentinel note.

The Wisconsin Gazette’s CEO Jeff Sobczak has messaged me personally.  He knows my story and claims he knows how hard it is to fight for truth.  He had to know Hector Colon was not doing a great job because he knows my story.  The Wisconsin Gazette says people are attacking Hector Colon to get back at Chris Abele.  I wonder who paid the Wisconsin Gazette to form such a passionate opinion.


(my first ever blog November 2014)

A description of how they used and abused the pepper/oc gas: ( a gas banned in warfare per the Geneva Convention and domestically legal in only 7 States )

Evidence Links:

I live in Portland and white men I can assure you are getting rich off of growing marijuana, while blacks are mass incarcerated for possession in New York.  This is not about my pot case or even Lincoln Hills fully to me.  It is about being legally discriminated in every single public sector.  It is about the hypocrisy of my situation.  It is about having no idea what a civil right actually is, because I have never been treated as even close to a human being by the court system now looking the other way as they continue to send kids to Lincoln Hills today.

It is about being told I have a job after I killed the interview to report the first day and find I have already been replaced.  It is about the shaming, oppression, your not good enough, your crazy and not worthy of my friendship bullshit I have endured since obtaining my felony conviction at the age 18 for stealing food and alcohol.  I did every day of that 8 year prison sentence and the sentence has not yet ended.  Martha Stewart did a year for stealing millions and the guards at Lincoln Hills run free today and forever more with no consequences for their actions.  They did not know they should not be gassing kids.

The gas usage statistics at Lincoln Hills on the juveniles is tenfold  that of all adult institutions in Wisconsin.  The State had been administering this gas inappropriately since when I was kid there in 1997 at least.  This gas is banned in warfare per the Geneva Convention.  This problem was a problem under former and recently now again Department of Corrections Chief John Litscher.  Did anyone notice how after Lincoln Hills broke in the press the Department of Corrections also pulled a musical chairs act and just re-positioned all of  their higher ranks?  Was this a serious and appropriate response?

Grand juries do not convict the Police and that is what the State of Wisconsin chose as the kid’s protectors.  I feel the State could have done more on a State level.  I was raised by refugees and prisoners literally and am well versed in bullshit, law and politics.  It takes one to know one I believe they say.

The State of California just banned grand juries in 2015 due to a lack of transparency and accountability.  Historically we have seen grand juries let cops off the hook and I have not yet even been called to the current grand jury.  I doubt I will ever see one for Lincoln Hills.

About 9 months have passed since I was on the news and the State of Wisconsin has yet to take my statement.  I did receive a letter from a White House special investigator assigned to me.  The only other whistle-blower Chad Mauk was put in jail right before Lincoln Hills broke in the press.  He was the only staff member at Lincoln Hills speaking out and he was actually charged for child abuse in a separate matter recently.  I am unsure of his status but he is out of jail now I know.  The whistle-blower’s get jail and hate mail propaganda, how’s that sound?

I am not a professional journalist but my current GPA is higher than college dropout Scott Walker’s ever was.  I have had to be creative in keeping up with these people’s bullshit for sure.  They want the real story dead.  Your media knows what I know and I would like to take a moment to name them:

Patrick Marley, Jason Stein, Dan Bice, Molly Beck, Nico Savidge.

These guys have wrote on the topic extensively, but keep missing the corruption part.  I do not feel safe nor should the kids of Lincoln Hills till the truth is told.  The hate mail propaganda I believe was meant to intimidate.  Please note I have never been recruited to join a hate looking group till after I was on the news for Lincoln Hills. I have also never met a member of Isis,but like many minorities today I am familiar with police brutality.The State and Police have not responded on the hate mail propaganda.  I begged Wisconsin Police last week to take a report and nobody would.  ( A cop replied to me today via Facebook 9/9/2016, but most ignore me. )

Shit is not relevant to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  The Wisconsin State Journal had my tip 6 full months before the story ever broke.  I begged for reporter Niko Savidge twice to take my story 6 full months before Lincoln Hills broke in the press.

Thomas Wanta from Milwaukee County is the State’s alleged original source.  He is now unavailable due to health complications per his replacement Mark Mertens who called me 5 times and left a voicemail each time to me the exact day Thomas Wanta was alleged to return from vacation to the office, per Thomas Wanta’s automatic email reply to me in the evidence link below.  All of a sudden the State’s corrupt original source Thomas Wanta is sick and retired.  I am the original source, Thomas Wanta is a fraud.

Charles, Ed Wall, Brad Schimel and me all knew about the gas abuse issue at the start of Scott Walker’s Presidential run but Governor Walker did not?:)


It would of been a good distraction.  Here I have the white rural male prison guard gang gassing inner city youth and a political cover up to boot.  The media starts confirming my story early August 2016 finally after having extensively badgered them.  They have no problem stealing credit for my work.  Elections were August 9th and not everyone was happy with the results.  Adding more Police would be a justifiable response to a riot.

Instead of hearing about the gassing of these inner city children, Milwaukee got a riot.  You did not hear about the white barbarians, but instead got an image of supposed thugs grieving a loved one gunned down by the Police State.  The media could have also have chosen to run a piece about the corruption I have been exposing.

I am sorry for Syville Smith’s loved one’s loss.  If he was not a political pawn before he got shot, he was after.  Wisconsin has political pawns a plenty.  If you do not think people in Milwaukee would get buck for money, than you never been to Milwaukee. It is just a thought and everyone has an opinion.

In my opinion, Milwaukee and Wisconsin are politically under fire.  Politicians have it ablaze with their words and jesters.  They are not transparent. Post the Milwaukee riots, they now plan to add 280 more Officers which is somewhat of a sensible  response to a riot I agree.  The problem is the Officials in charge are corrupt.  I would have serious concerns about any money going to the City of Milwaukee that did not have receipts.  I would not trust your Alderman and City Council with my Playstation let alone millions of dollars.

They could have told you the truth about Lincoln Hills and I would not have anything to say.  They could have told you the truth before the elections.  They could have told the truth before the riot.  They could have told the truth before planning to add 280 more officers to the Police State.  I did their job and that is the truth.


My egg donor’s husband used the n-word.  I was in prison and am familiar.  I was 18 on my first prison bid when the Aryan’s tried to recruit me and I learned they were not shit.  Orange is not the new black.  Mass incarceration is just one aspect of the African-Americans history and thus the title is inappropriate.  Propaganda can attract people.

Last I checked I was pasty white and my family was interracial.  I do not hate myself as the Nazi’s might say but I am conscious of the fact that the majority of my oppressor’s in prison held the same color skin as myself.  A white Judge, Public Defender and parole officer usually did me in.  History in this country has often been told from a white male point of view.  I started listening to everyone early.

I would never let the Wisconsin media influence me again.  They are indifferent.  What if the majority of kids at Lincoln Hills were from the suburbs or Madison?  I hope you all remember this Saturday night Live skit done to poke fun at the Wisconsin media.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sure has picked a bad time to lose its historical archive, right?

If you are disillusioned about how this all will end, please remember Scott Walker and friends just pushed a ton of new bills upon Wisconsin all at one time.  A good distraction or possible bribe?

I am going to look back at some ancient history in closing from Julius Caesar — 100bc:  “He had no respect for Mark Antony, who was scheming to take revenge upon Caesar’s murderers. In exchange for amnesty for the assassins, he arranged for the Senate to agree not to declare Caesar to have been a tyrant, which allowed the Caesarians to have lawful support and kept Caesar’s reforms and policies intact.”

I believe the grand jury being called upon was an intentional act that will net the same historical response.  No charges filed against the Police State.  Good luck Wisconsin.


I really do not have to do this, but kids are being abused and every kid heard the word accountability at sentencing.  I feel I do have to do this is all.  The hate mail scared me and also gave me confidence I was on the right path.  People have been trying to intimidate me my whole life.  I would not allow someone to oppress my voice any further.  It took me many years even to realize that what had happened at Lincoln Hills was wrong, as the abuse was administered by the hands of a State Agent. It took some years to process what had all happened, as I thought maybe that was just how things were or something.

My past works on Lincoln Hills: ( Including an email reply from Governor Walker’s associate ) my first ever blog November 2014 written while drunk maybe.  I did not expect a response. video statement   Facebook group full of media Ceo’s, legislators and kids recently released from Lincoln Hills. ( not everyone liked title )

An email reply on behalf of Governor Walker to me from Julio Barron:

Statement from Senate Minority leader Peter Barca calling this a political cover up

My story confirmed  August 2016 after relentless badgering of Wisconsin media:

Neither political party has impressed me on this topic.  African American and Caucasian leaders alike look really pathetic here.  They have made the kids political pawns.

Many Milwaukee community leaders have had the past year to lend me a hand.  We see their videos and press appearances.  Many are on my Facebook and they must think they impress me.  They could have clicked a button months ago and helped my cause.  You are helping yourself and are not my friend:

Reggie Moore, DB Bowen, Sherwin Hughes, Evan Goyke, Lena Taylor, Dennis Hughes of the Afscme, Milwaukee Works organization, Rev. Jerry Hancock of Waupun Prison.

Senator Chris Larson has blocked me on Facebook in order to conceal information.

Press appearances and words mean little.  These people are committed to keeping the atrocities at Lincoln Hills concealed from the public.

Tory Lowe had the whole walk to Chicago to hit the share button with your 25 thousand followers ( does this dude want to be a gangster or a politician? – same thing in MKE ).  This guy actually released a video of the riot that looked pretty cool and was a Tory Lowe exclusive video.  Then he shared a post this morning on Facebook stating that his people should possibly vote Republican now.  I re-call Tory Lowe just ran for office a few months ago on the Democratic ticket, so that shit is hilarious.  Tory you could have influenced the elections possibly by sharing my story if even a small bit.  I wonder if Tory would be so involved in the Milwaukee riot scene had he won that election?  I would not lend you a honey bun off canteen till next week holmes!

Tory could tell you about every funeral in the hood and I think he may of missed his calling as a funeral director.


Jarrett English of the ACLU just got arrested with Legislator Johnathan Brostoff and the ACLU is going to file a lawsuit against the City of Milwaukee for roughing up one of their own.  Jarret called me from a google phone to talk Lincoln Hills 6 months ago but publicly does not know me still.  I see his recent concern for his community.  Sure hope it’s genuine.  I do not buy legislator Johnathan Brostoff’s arrest myself as I was just slaying Mr. Brostoff in a blog of mine last week.  His brief detainment looked staged some in my opinion.

The ACLU just retired the leader of it’s Milwaukee chapter ( The most segregated city in the U.S. ) Chris Ahmuty.  Good timing guy’s.  I really wished the ACLU would have filed a suit for me on behalf of the kids at Lincoln Hills.  I got to court on the kid’s behalf before Milwaukee’s Common Council.  The ACLU did not notice.  The ACLU gave a press release and the Common Council finally made it to court only two days after I had filed in Federal court to stop the gas abuse myself in February 2016.  I was on the news December 2015.

I have no affiliation or organization I am bound to.  I live in a rough neighborhood on the West Coast.  I endorse none and have been paid zero.

More Lack of transparency issues: ( Just read the headlines )

The psychologist:

Xmas 2016 : We held a call-a-thon to assure Ed Wall lost his job at taxpayer expense.  Ed lost his job officially.  DOJ agent Paul Connels records request came back funny.  He is not on the visitor’s list for the day he alleged to have visited Lincoln Hills aside Ed Wall. me on news




I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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