The original source behind the scandal at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison in Irma, Wisconsin here. Children have been systemically gassed inappropriately with capsicum spray, which is banned in warfare per the Geneva Convention. The kids were smoked bombed in their concrete block cells with pepper spray often. This child abuse scandal was concealed prior to Governor Scott Walker’s Presidential run. This blog is for a specific corrupt player. Former Security Director Bruce Sunde, please step into the light Sir. Bruce Sunde evidence

Me and Bruce Sunde are the start of the scandal.  It all really should not be that hard to convince anyone at this point.

Here Bruce Sunde’s name finally comes out in the press after I roasted him for a year straight as  a key player in the scandal. I contacted the Journal Sentinel 100 plus times about this guy over a year ago.  I think they are leaving some information out on former Security Director Bruce Sunde. The Wisconsin State Journal actually published his name early 2016 but nothing significant was said of him.  I spoke with Niko Savidge from the Wisconsin State Journal and begged him to listen 6 months before this story was out mainstream.

The article below says a mouthful.  I am the start of Lincoln Hills.  I called Lincoln County to stop the abuse.  I said I would be filing a John Doe complaint to stop the gassing of children in their own back lawn if they did not stop it themselves.  I called twice.  I have filed John Doe complaints before and am familiar.

They got the dates all jacked up in the article.  They keep changing their story on who was the original whistle blower.  Ed Wall shredded documents and lost others.  Their have been payouts and dark money reported in this child abuse scandal as reported by the Journal Sentinel.

from article:

  • A DOC internal investigator sought a legal hold to preserve the electronic files for three top officials responsible for Lincoln Hills — Paul Westerhaus, the state’s juvenile corrections administrator; John Ourada, the superintendent of Lincoln Hills; and Bruce Sunde, the security director of Lincoln Hills. All three retired as the investigation intensified.
  • So now check out the link they provide ( retired ).  Does that shit make sense? The paragraph above mentions records were put on hold?  Yet when you click on the link they provide you see John Ourada and Paul Westerhaus put on blast.

“John Ourada, the superintendent of the school, received $66,042 as a final payment last month, about half of which went into a deferred compensation account, according to the Department of Corrections. Paul Westerhaus, the administrator of the Division of Juvenile Corrections, was paid $34,921 before leaving.”

It kind of looks like they were given a buyout in a child abuse scandal at the very start.  It looks like their records were pretty out there from the beginning.  Wait a minute…

Their is no mention of when Bruce Sunde retired and how much money he got anywhere but we know he retired quietly March 2015.  I got an open records request that makes Bruce look a little funny.  Hmmmmmm.  Why were his records closed again? It really does not say.

He actually retired the same month the article says the Wisconsin Department of Justice was at the peak of it’s investigation into Lincoln Hills March 2015.

I could of sworn Bruce Sunde was the guy I asked the citizens of Wisconsin to call to stop the gas abuse November 2014 when this whole thing first started, about the exact same time that they say their investigation coincidentally started.  The State of Wisconsin’s story keeps changing in a child abuse scandal.  Good day!!!

Ed Wall shred above

My 1st ever blog November 2014 

200 Gassed Kids

John doe schmoe

I kind of feel like this hopefully puts an end to it.  It kind of says a lot. Who gotcha??? ACLU co-signed my story.  John Litscher was gassing kids back in the day.  John was an interesting replacement by Governor Scott Walker. John replaced the former Chief Ed Wall, who was fired for shredding documents associated with a child abuse scandal.  John gassed 200 kids in 2016.


4/25/17 Note : The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel helps spread misinformation on this topic.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel version.  The Journal Sentinel tries to give former DOC Chief Ed Wall credit for my work.–then-praised-its-leaders-b99646879z1-364380301.html  Ed Wall has two different versions of what took place at Lincoln Hills August 2015.  Maybe the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel forgot they had published this article January 2016.

I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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