One of the main reasons I feel I can convict Governor Scott Walker on Lincoln Hills for public misconduct is because I have an open records request on a retired former Security Director Bruce Sunde.  I asked the citizens of Wisconsin to call Bruce Sunde by name to stop gassing the kids at Lincoln Hills November 2014.  The investigation allegedly started January 2015. Former Security Director Bruce Sunde quietly retired prior to Scott Walker’s Presidential run March 2015.  I received the confirmation of a gassing problem from state agent Charles Crawford Fisher July 2015 the same week Scott Walker announced his Presidential run.  It was a weird call.  Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws October 2015 a month after he dropped out of the Presidential race and the same month I called Lincoln County and told them I would be filing a John Doe myself to stop the gassing of children in their back lawn.  Changing John Doe laws protect Wisconsin politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges from being brought against them.  Scott Walker changed John Doe laws mid scandal around the same time I was threatening to file a John Doe complaint over Lincoln Hills in Lincoln County October 2015. The call from Charles was enough for me to make a call to the media in Wausau October 2015 additionally.  Lincoln County is corrupt on Lincoln Hills and the DA Dan Dunphy recently retired.  The media and politicians have known a long time.  I was the first person on the news and the key blogger/whistle blower.  Toot, Toot!!

Prison guard union leader Troy Bauch said the scandal went up to the Governor’s office.  Senate Minority leader Peter Barca alleged a political cover up by the republican party in a press release.  Former DOC Chief Ed Wall shredded documents after the FBI raid.  The republican party imposed a gag order and are telling a good story.  August 2017 and they still have not came clean.

If Scott Walker did not engage in public misconduct, how come the democratic party of Wisconsin did not know about Lincoln Hills October 2015 when Governor Walker changed John Doe laws?  I knew in Portland.  What’s up with that?

The investigation was allegedly started January 2015 by Wisconsin’s Department of Justice 5 weeks after my blog about former Security Director Bruce Sunde.  John Doe laws were changed by Governor Walker a day after John Doe proceedings started in Lincoln County on Lincoln Hills per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  The new John Doe laws then killed the John Doe in Lincoln County per a new time limit rule put on John Doe cases by Governor Scott Walker.  The actual truth of the matter is the media lied about that to.  The new rules did not apply to the John Doe in Lincoln County on Lincoln Hills, because the Lincoln Hills John Doe was started the day before Governor Walker signed the bill to change John Doe laws April 2016 per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  That means the new John Doe rules did not apply and the old should.

2 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel articles


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ED WALL – Check this guy out! LOL


I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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