Hi. I am the original source behind the scandal at Lincoln Hills juvenile prison in Irma, WI. Children have been systemically gassed inappropriately with capsicum spray, which is banned in warfare per the Geneva Convention. The kids were smoked bombed in their concrete block cells with pepper spray often.

Radio interview: http://darnwi.com/?podcast=3-4-16-nate-bowey-former-inmate-at-lincoln-hills

News: http://www.wkow.com/story/30710318/2015/12/Wednesday/former-lincoln-hills-inmate-says-pepper-spray-abuse-was-common

Here is some of my past work on the scandal at Lincoln Hills:  I am on the Daily Kos and Urban Wall Street Journal.






My past works show documents were shredded and gag orders imposed by top Scott Walker associates in Wisconsin.  Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws mid child abuse scandal, effectively protecting politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges being brought against them at the state level.

I contacted numerous media outlets long before this story was in the news.  Some have been helpful.  Some have been helpful, while at the same time holding Scott Walker’s balls.  I cannot trust what they say because they have intentionally spread misinformation on this topic before and so I do not know where to draw the line.  I grew up reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal.  They have stolen my story and denied me my own history.

Fuck Patrick Marley, Niko savidge, Molly Beck, Jason Stein, Daniel Bice,  Matthew Defour etc.

Numerous politicians sit on my Facebook list and are little help.  Democratic leader Martha Laning knows exactly what has happened and has helped conceal the atrocities at Lincoln Hills in my opinion.  Her co-chair DB Bowen held a meeting open to the community where the community was not allowed to ask questions with a corrupt man named Mark Mertens.

Phony organization alert:

Sharlen Moore heads Milwaukee Youth Justice.  Her organization’s intent is to cancel my noise.  Her husband Reggie Moore also co-headlined the community meeting below: (They knew Mark Mertens was corrupt before the meeting as I let them know it)



Lulac’s Milwaukee chapter leader Darryl Morin was influential in spreading dark money around the re-appointment of Health & Human services director Hector Colon.  I said the Health and Human services director Milwaukee.

http://www.indystar.com/videos/news/politics/2016/09/22/90858166/?from=global  Hector Colon dark $$$


A plain lie by Wisconsin Public Radio:  Who directed it???  Plain misinformation

www.wpr.org/… article by puke bag reporter Gil Halsted.  Gil knows who I am.

This article is pieced together well and allegedly was wrote July 4th, 2013.  The title reads “Juvenile Detention Center Staff Speak Out Against New Pepper Spray Policy”.

1.  If the staff was so concerned, why did they still gas 200 kids in 2016?


2.  Source Ed Wall is a confirmed document shredder in this child abuse scandal.



3.  Source Jim Moeser’s soundbite came from a 2015 interview.



4.  Source Troy Bauch later had this to say:



Piece it together.  Peace.

I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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