IMAG1623Wisconsin Department of Justice Agent Paul Connell testified on behalf of confirmed document shredder Ed Wall.  Ed’s $100k / year job at taxpayer expense was on the line.  Ed was given a cushy job at the Department of Justice after the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal broke in the press December 2015.  Ed then became a document shredder mid scandal.  Agent Paul Connell’s testimony should be reviewed.  Ed Wall lost his job as he should have recent.

Journal Sentinel:  Wall, who was appointed by Governor Walker in October 2012, got a firsthand look at conditions of Lincoln Hills in Irma in August, four months before about 50 state agents and attorneys raided the juvenile prison. The school’s visitor log shows Wall visited the school for nearly three hours on Aug. 4 and was accompanied by Deputy Corrections Secretary Deirdre Morgan, Assistant Deputy Secretary Don Friske and Lincoln County Sheriff Jeff Jaeger. For part of that time, they were joined by Detective Sgt. Thomas Barker, the lead investigator for the Sheriff’s Office when assaults or other incidents occur at the schools.

As you can read in the articles attached Ed Wall’s story does not add up.  That is why Agent Paul Connell had to speak for Ed.–then-praised-its-leaders-b99646879z1-364380301.html  This article contradicts Ed Wall regarding the August 4th, 2015 visit to Lincoln Hills.

  • Agent Paul Connell testified: (per Journal Sentinel)

Inmates at the State’s troubled juvenile prison last summer swarmed the corrections secretary to complain they were being harmed, according to testimony Tuesday in an employment dispute.  On a visit to Lincoln Hill School for Boys in August 2015, then-Corrections Secretary Ed Wall stopped in the institution’s library.  “The children incarcerated there came up to him all at once,” Department of Justice senior counsel Paul Connell testified. “I perceive it like a magnet attracting a bunch of metal.”  The juveniles told Wall, “They’re hurting us. They’re harming us,” according to Connell, who testified that Wall had told him about the incident twice. Wall asked the inmates for names and other details, but they could not provide them.”

Did either of these agents get written statements from these youth? Ed was there that day looking at Lincoln Hills amid an active investigation into child abuse.  The Department of Justice alleges the investigation started January 2015.  Paul is a DOJ Agent and ED at the time was Chief of the Department of Corrections and a cabinet member of Governor Scott Walker’s.  Anyone attached to Ed Wall is suspect.

Paul Connell’s name does not appear on the visitors log from Lincoln Hills for August 4th, 2015.  The Journal Sentinel meticulously outlines the days coming and goings.  The open records request I received back does not have any of the names reported by the Journal Sentinel article listed as present for August 4th, 2015.

The Department of Corrections actually states in the link below:  “We cannot find the paper copy of the visitors log for August 4th, 2015”.

Losing and shredding documents in a child abuse scandal never looks good.

The main reason you cannot trust Ed Wall is because he visited the juvenile prison August 2015 and then after praised the leaders of the institution who have now been replaced.  Ed is telling two stories.  One of praise for the leaders of Lincoln Hills and another totally different one, which changed after he met Governor Walker’s child abuse scandal bus. Ed Wall is suspect, so is Agent Paul Connell’s testimony.

I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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