Fragmented Notes from Lincoln Hills original source.  I wrote this stuff Summer of 2016.

Senator Lena Taylor interjected in a political race when Chris Abele faced Chris Larson for the Milwaukee County Executive position.

District Attorney John Chisholm ignored me.  His opponent during Milwaukee’s last election cycle Verona Swanigan called me on the other hand.  Verona told me Senator Lena Taylor takes bribes.

Lena Taylor has been acting pretty ridiculous lately and likes flare and jesters.  She went after fellow Senator Chris Larson gangster style with former convicted Alderman Michael McGee.  Lena thanked me for my work on Lincoln Hills but seems phony.

Lena says slavery is alive in Wisconsin prisons.…

Yeah, Lena and Fox 6 and all the media took a bus to Lincoln Hills.  Everyone heard about it.  Did they mention how many parents showed up for that bus?  ONE.

I wrote in my kids baby book about a voicemail a Senator Lena Taylor once left me.  I have a book deal now and my life is fair to middlin’.  I have no hard feelings because politics are crazy.  Lena works with scumbags and does some good work.

Lena is always late is the point and she obviously helped billionaire County Executive Chris Abele defeat Senator Chris Larson by making the election about race for the two white men.  She acted a damn fool.  Lena had convicted alderman Michael McGee chase Senator Chris Larson around Milwaukee.  I can no longer find the two videos that were circulating but Senator Lena Taylor had Michael McGee and entourage threaten Senator Larson in Senator Larson’s own office.  Larson was holding his baby tight like he did not want any problems.  Then McGee circulated the video on the queen and Abele’s behalf.

Lena Taylor voted funny on DOC Chief Jon Litscher for all her talk.  John was gassing kids systemically back in the 1990’s and was an interesting replacement for the now fired and former DOC Chief Ed Wall.  Ed got caught attempting to shred documents connected to the Governor’s office in regards to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal.

Lena Taylor knows all the corrupt people involved in the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal.  They are all pictured below April 2018.  Scott Walker 6 minute video on closing Lincoln Hills.  Look how Lena and all the corrupt people gather around Governor Walker at about the 6 minute mark.  Where’s Michael McGee when you need him?  Lena seems pretty non-confrontational next to Governor Scott Walker.  Wrote 2018.


I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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