12901544_10207926662198880_5849264326254819778_oIt’s very seldom these days you’ll run across a Facebook page that connects with you. As a publicist and publisher I spend most of my time on social media networks, looking for game changers.  Mainly, professionals who exemplify integrity, leadership, and success.

In doing so, a few months ago-  I came across Sharon H. Porter’s Facebook page. There was something different about Sharon, I needed to know more about. Hectic, I’ve been a publicist for over 15yrs, so it’s my business to recognize top performers, unmatched excellence and visionary leadership.

As a result, I sent Sharon a Facebook friend request. Upon her acceptance, she immediately started engaging and reposting my postings. Strangely as it may sound, I was totally shocked by her ability to be receptive.

Hectic, in today’s I’m too busy world,” I’ve learned to expect nothing and make the best out of whatever you get, Tam Lawrence.

Sharon H. Porter changed my perception on a few things. Although, it’s very seldom you’ll meet another woman who will support another woman’s vision.

Sharon H. Porter is definitely one woman who stands to change the game.

Her stimulating efforts encouraged me to write this article, Sharon H. Porter is truly a beacon of hope for all women. If you’re looking for a professional connection to enrich your circle, I recommend you find Sharon H. Porter on Facebook, you’ll be impressed.



Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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