Shoe Fetish Movement is Growing Rapidly 

by Bea Moore and Sharon Bennett

Shoe fetish is a casually written novella about three teenage girls as they stumble from puberty to adulthood, trying to come to terms with their true feelings and desires.  Their knowledge of relationships was gained through failed, abusive, and socially unacceptable affairs.  The young women equate some of these relationships with styles of shoes.  In the odyssey of the9781478758983 relationship maze; torment, strength, insanity, love, and even death were found.  The girls relationship with each other suffered years after college, but their friendships were rekindled at a twenty-year high-school reunion.  However, no one would have guessed the turn this road would quickly take.

The story is told through the eyes of its central character, Carmen Robertson.  These three professional women endured some of life’s greatest hardships during the spring of their lives.

In Shoe Fetish, Bennett  and Moore  have created a sad yet warmly uplifting version of the time-honored transition into womanhood. Their sensitive portrayal of Carmen’s resolute honesty and ultimate empowerment make for an enduring heroine and entertaining reading.




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Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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