Speak Live Nation District for Artists and Talent Entertainment Master Class

Columbia, South Carolina

Posted on December 21, 2012, 12:27 pm
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Speak Live Nation “SLN,” will be presenting its first annual entertainment master class hosted by– Hollywood actress Maria Howell best known for her role in the movie the Color Purple.

The entertainment business comes with highs and lows, in most cases many will try and attempt going at it alone. SLN’s district members have found it beneficial to use the organization as their supporting body. Speak Live Nation’s director Cedric Nettles has overcome many obstacles as a film director and book author, through sharing his story and experience he hopes to help others.

Parents, artists, talent, students and all those with an interest in the entertainment industry are welcomed to attend the upcoming event. Speak Live Nation is offering FREE access to bloggers, college students, and press/media partners to insure the message and opportunity is available to everyone.

Joining the platform will be the following entertainment professionals: Deanna Allen her role at her internship as programming coordinator opened the doors to other opportunities such PR assistant and red carpet hostess at the Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) awards show.

Along with Hattie Lemon for over 15 years Lemon has worked in the entertainment industry, Lemon recently opened a talent agency in the heart of Atlanta, GA. working with production companies and accredited producers such Tyler Perry, Trumpet Awards, HBO, and a host of others. Lemon has sparked the careers of vast number of talented individuals.

In addition to be educated the attendees, will be empowered and inspired by Beatrice Moore and Sharon Bennett two of the most audacious women who’ve sparked the interest of readers all over the country with their book “Shoe Fetish.” Moore and Bennett have turned the book into a movement that has inspired thousands to live out loud.


Speak Live Nation: Entertainment Master Class hosted by Hollywood Maria Howell

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   The event will take place on September 15th at 7:00PM EST located at the Koger Center for the Arts 1051 Greene Street Columbia, SC 29201 for more details contact Publicist Tam Lawrence (414) 856-5330 all speakers have committed to doing interviews with press/media.  Tickets can be purchased online by visit http://www.exposure-magazine.com [event tab

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