After watching The Birth of Nation I was quickly reminded of my current situation- living in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is rated the worst place to live for African Americans in the USA.

  • Mass Incarceration
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Worst Mental Health System in the Country
  • Screwed Up Public School Systems
  • Highest Unemployment Rate
  • Poorest Population of African Americans
  • Most Segregated City in all of America

There are more road blocks in Milwaukee for African Americans than the largest construction site in the world.


It’s damn near impossible to get other races in Milwaukee to do business with you. Not unless you kiss ass, play a sport, wash laundry, cook meals, or shine shoes; you’re not fit to run their IT systems, sit at the deciding table, nor are African American fit to be paid equal pay for jobs requiring college degrees.


I was at a press conference two weeks ago, this guy who runs the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee stated, “Blacks should first do things in their own communities before we consider them for  downtown venues.”

He didn’t know an African American publication was in the room. I was sitting far back in the corner I normally sit front and center but I made it late.  #BlackPressMatters

riverside-todayThe Riverside Theater books African American talent, acts, and/or shows sells tickets to African American; yet the Riverside Theater VP stated, “Blacks in Milwaukee should do things in their own communities, before we consider them for downtown venues.” 



Later he chuckled and stated so ignorantly_, “Maybe he and his colleagues should consider getting together in the future to open an entertainment venue in the inner city for the Blacks. (laughing)


I damn near threw up in my mouth after listening to him. Later, I asked him for his business card, I was willing to meet with him to insure I understood his position, he blew me off and told me to speak with his assistant. I thought what a jerk. This way of thinking is the primary reason why Milwaukee is not progressively moving forward.

Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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