banner1For the past several months, I’ve reached out to several corporations and entertainment venues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in support for Urban Wall Street Journal newspaper and Exposure magazine. In my search, I found that many corporations and Downtown entertainment venues were not respective to supporting African American media outlets; yet African Americans in Milwaukee, purchase theater tickets, support casino gaming, and as well patronize these organizations.

Would it be fair to say, if you can take African American dollars; the right thing to do would be to support African American media outlets? 


If nothing more, it should be a mutual reciprocation towards African American media outlets, being that African Americans support the corporations and downtown entertainment venues in Milwaukee.


Milwaukee is haunted by the succession of racism, inequalities, mass incarceration, poverty, illiteracy, Milwaukee is known as the worst place to live in the USA according to NPR–

Milwaukee County is divided along racial and political lines, and the city is the most segregated place to live in America. An old, racist joke among locals is that the city’s 16th Street viaduct bridge is the longest structure in the world, linking “Africa to Europe.”



In 2001, I left Milwaukee in search of a better life for my family, I moved my children and I to Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the first time in my life, I felt welcomed to be African American and a woman– I was adored and met with opportunities and embraced by progressive movers and shakers.

Unlike Milwaukee, Charlotte, North Carolina, has a strong sense of cultural identity and diversification bridged by common sense. In contrast, Milwaukee’s mentality is to divide and isolate its citizens.

In short, upon my return to Milwaukee, I arrived in a city disseminated, in ruins, heavy with hopelessness, plagued by ignorance, and  disparities. I often wonder, if Milwaukee will ever find a true sense of commonality, humanity, and/or compassion for its residences rather black, white, asian or latino.


It’s hard to determine if Milwaukee has moved out of the 60’s but it’s a GREAT time for its residence to question the direction this city is going.


14671335_322346771457168_6688308257315347232_nEveryday I have to be here, I dread waking up in this city; I could pack up and leave true enough, but that would be to easy. I have a job to do and I have plans on completing my moral obligation to my community and its people. Father Wild at Marquette University urged us to follow our vocational calling, to be the beacon of hope for others.


Here’s my list of “NO(s) and maybe I’lpotawatomi-new-logo-jpgl keep receiving them but I will NOT stop publicly addressing the issues at hand
. For this morning, I received another rejection notice from Potawatomi Casino.

Not to mention the vast number of news stations in Milwaukee who’ve dodge my calls and invitations to cover a positive talk show, inspiring men of all demographics. Oh and not to mention– the vast number of downtown entertainment venues who continue to dodge my calls, and for the Cheif Marketing Officers who find African American media outlets obsolete; I will make it clear I have plans to prove them inaccurate and inadequate in their thinking.

I’ve heard so many lies in the past weeks my ears have drawn weak!

My list of rejections could go on for pages and pages, but I will not bore you- with Milwaukee’s fame of racially mischievous acts.


In the end, the difference the city will need is for African Americans to become fully aware of how systematic racial disparities has been the greatest plague (cancer) ever created; there is a cure–img_3049



When you can hide and do dirt in the dark, you can get away with it!  URBRAN WALL STREET JOURNAL NEWSPAPER AND EXPOSURE MAGAZINE is in Milwaukee to bring LIGHT! Time for a little EXPOSURE!img_3043


Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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