Lincoln Hills was concealed by Governor Scott Walker prior to his short Presidential run.  Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws mid scandal October 2015 additionally.  The changes Governor Walker made protect Wisconsin politicians from bribery and public misconduct charges being brought against them at a State level.  Scott Walker made this change the same month I was threatening to file a John Doe complaint in Lincoln County to stop the gassing’s at Lincoln Hills myself.  The Democratic party of Wisconsin did not know about the gas issue at Lincoln Hills when Scott Walker changed Wisconsin John Doe laws and have alleged a political cover up.  The Lincoln Hills scandal has been drawn out and this helps frame the issue as the State sees fit.  I have published and circulated documentation confirming my contentions.

The latest reports out of Wisconsin indicate staff have been abused and the inmates tried to riot.  The Department of Corrections dispute’s this information oddly.  Lincoln Hills staff said they were confused and thought they could not speak out about Lincoln Hills due to a gag order imposed by the Republican party and so they have not previous.  The DOC responded saying staff could speak during off hours.  The staff were quiet till I circulated the above picture to Wausau media October 2017 (Lincoln Hills is the biggest juvenile prison in the world).

The prison guards AFSCME union representative Troy Bauch should be fired.  I like Troy for saying the scandal went up to the Governor’s office, but Troy did a poor job relaying the proper information on the whole gag order thing.  It will be interesting to see who the AFSCME endorses for Governor in 2018.  Rick Badger leads the  Wisconsin AFSCME and wrote an article that made me want to puke awhile back.  Rick Badger wrote a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Op-ed which basically stated, “it can all be worked out with some money Mr. Governor”.  I helped the guards get a nice raise previous to Rick Badger’s Op-ed.

The poor guards.  They are not so much at fault as they were trained by the State to apparently gas children systemically.  Nazis used the same defense during the Nuremberg trials.  Thankfully these kids are not being exterminated, but hopefully you can understand the concern.  Something needs to be done if Wisconsin is lying about gassing kids .  I am fighting a professional PR team and so pardon my framing.

A week before the Milwaukee riot I circulated the message that I would like some help to stop the gassings at Lincoln Hills.  After 9 months of being caught concealing child abuse and shredding documents (Ed Wall), Wisconsin admitted they had been gassing kids inappropriately August 2016.  I did not see the white rural prison guard gang and there mugshots on the news that week.  We nationally saw black people rioting and then of course the cop who shot Syville Smith was a black faggot.

The City of Milwaukee is in on the Lincoln Hills cover up and has been since day one.  Governor Scott Walker ran Milwaukee County before he was Governor.  Theo Lipscomb and Chris Abele both knew Hector “Dark Money” Colon was corrupt on Lincoln Hills when he was re-appointed as the Health and Services Director of Milwaukee County.  Hector Colon very recently re-signed after the reappointment from a very cushy salary to head Lutheran Social Services.  If Hector Colon is corrupt, so is Chris Abele.  I can confirm Thomas Wanta from Milwaukee is corrupt and the guy who took his place in juvenile court Mark Mertens knows it.

While the ACLU is barking, they could have said something before and not after the Presidential election. They had my documentation.  I have contacted every politician, organization and news agency in Wisconsin.  They stole my story and denied me my own history at best.  The only reason your hearing about Lincoln Hills is because Wisconsin got punked.  Wisconsin got caught gassing kids and I made all the  players point fingers at another.  Bureaucratic agencies do not do accountability because it is expensive and I am not sorry for capitalizing on as much.  I grew up in the juvenile system and so someone tried to intimidate the wrong person after I went on the news December 2015.

Brad Schimel sentenced me to Lincoln Hills out of Waukesha County in 1998.  Brad Schimel knows who I am and is corrupt.  The Wisconsin Department of Justice knows Scott Walker is guilty.  They basically told me as much and yet have done all they can to make sure Scott Walker walks free.  Agent Paul Connelly provided some suspect testimony in regards to Ed Wall the former Corrections Chief.

A Federal judge recently ordered Wisconsin to quit gassing kids and Scott Walker is finally speaking up October 2017.  Governor Walker said the gas is still needed to control the young murderers, etc. Most the kids I know from Lincoln Hills weigh under 150 pounds.  The State does not gas its adult prisoners in this fashion either Governor.

People I would say are not good people on Lincoln Hills

(They have all had time and press appearances.  Most of their press appearances were the day after they talked to me, but of course they don’t know what’s going on with Scott Walker)

Supreme Moore Omukunde – faked pneumonia the day of Hector Colon’s reappointment after numerous press appearances.

Johnathan Brostoff of Oak Creek – Someone must run against this sob next election Oak Creek.  He went uncontested last election.

Chris Larson – Blocked me on Facebook and I might want to access that thread one day.

ACLU – Late.  Stole credit for my work.  Showed up a month after the Presidential election.  Did not take Ed Wall or Hector Colon’s job.  Nor the prison guards.  I actually did all that!

Democratic leader Martha Laning –  Yeah Wisconsin gave us all Trump.  Martha had the documents on Scott Walker and did not bring up the gassing’s during the Presidential election.  Her underling David Bowen held a corrupt community meeting early on about Lincoln Hills with Mark Mertens and another corrupt guy Reggie Moore.

Youth Justice MKE – Leaders Reggie and Sharlen Moore co-hosted a sham community event with David Bowen and Mark Mertens.  I see them in the press caring about the community and they don’t know me.  They co-sign for the ACLU.  This is what you call a front organization.  Colin Kaepernick donated 25k to their org.  Someone let him know!

Leah Vukmir Brookfield – Introduced a bill to harm more kids at Lincoln Hills.  Probably has not shared the paperwork on Scott Walker with her community.  She thinks the State has no accountability but demands accountability of the carjacking bangers from the city.


Ed Wall – shredded documents post FBI raid. Got caught.  Now says he is writing a tell all book. LOL

Lincoln County – The Judge’s, Clerk of Courts, and now retired DA Dan Dunphy

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – They write and write.  Keep missing Scott Walker.  I grew up reading this paper like many.  I feed these writers families, they do not feed mine.

Wisconsin State Journal – I begged columnist Niko Savidge to help me twice 6 months before Lincoln Hills was ever in the news.  Keep missing Scott Walker in the columns.

My past works:  Google Scott Walkers child abuse scandal and know I did that.  I have blogged on the Urban Wall Street Journal and Daily Kos about Lincoln Hills a few years now.

2014- (need scroll down page) Reggie Moore co-hosted the event mentioned in this blog with David Bowen and Mark Mertens.

Solution:  Shut down Lincoln Hills and start a boot camp with diversity.  Get rid of the politicians that did nothing with what I gave them.

Nathan Bowey 11/8/2017

I am the original source to the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison scandal in Wisconsin. I am a student, father, and husband now residing in the Pacific NW.

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