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African young woman suffering alone – Need Women to Step Up

Getting to the top is hard enough, but having to worry about competing in business against your own gender is another crisis moment. Women tend to be gatekeepers to the source. The source that just might open a door for another woman to achieve her objective. For some odd reason, more than 65% of women agree- on the average, it is another woman who will kill the deal.

Ms. Lawrence, Director of Communication

Director of Communication

For the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with women in Milwaukee’s business community. I can’t say it was good, but it was an experience. Building my expanding business in Milwaukee came with many loops and hoops as with any new business, experts suggest networking. So I spent hours, money and a lot of wasted time finding out- who’s who and who wasn’t anyone at all. Hey! It’s the price you pay when you’re in business for yourself.  

In my search, I was gravely disappointed by the way other women received me. I could consider it just a cultural shock, but I am truly interested in the “WHY?” As a student of life, I think it’s imperative to understand the “WHY?” and deal with it by introducing the problem and discovering a solution. images

Solution orientated people are truly business owners, we develop systems, products, and programs that positively impact the world. After hours of research and case study. I believe women in the midwest are less likely to assist another woman based on the following: lack of confidence, supportive services, mentorship, and more importantly personal regrets.


Problem: Education, Supportive Resources, Positive Outlets

In 2016 a national study showed more men were incarcerated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin than any other state by alarming numbers leaving women to fend for themselves. Leading the way, women lost control of their feminine; forced to be head-of-household the lives of so women were shattered. I don’t believe there is a woman who wouldn’t agree with me, when I say, “No woman has a desire to be a husband, father, or protector.” In every woman there’s a little girl looking for someone to protector her, spend quality time, listen to her, and share moments of love. The big bad world of corruption, deceitfulness, and mistrust has robbed women of their ability to connect with the feminine. Living in the state of fear, flight for life, and survival mode has torn apart her world. However, I may sound as though it’s doom day for women- but no this is an amazing day for women.


It’s clearly time to stand in our truth- to ensure a better future for our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and so forth. The process is not overnight but there is a starting point.

Solution: Building a Unified Platform for Women


The process of rebuilding, reviving and restoring the lives of women is not going to be easy- but it’s something to give thought to. Women understand other women, but we must stop hating on one another- and embrace each other. Opening doors and connecting other women to opportunities will happen- but (not so fast). The first step: Let’s first deal with all the hurt, pain, anger, and disappointment causing women to be heartless and disassociated- with the other women. We can’t dress up and truly feel pretty if the inside is torn apart: bandages off. Let’s reveal and heal by truly standing in our truth as women. I too have lived pain, I have suffered many sleepless nights in fear, crying out, only wishing there was a safe place for me to bond with someone who understands my struggle. I created a platform uniquely designed called, SOAR for women who truly seek to experience a breakthrough. Last year, SOAR attracted over 100+ plus women who cried out and bonded together in search of a life of peace and harmony. This year I will be hosting SOAR with the help of ALL MEN ROCK cast members on January 18th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


If you’d like to get involved contact me at

Dear Reader:

I am looking for volunteers (male or female), professional therapist and professional speakers to join us for this amazing opportunity- SOAR is about reviving, restoring and rebuilding our community at large. #soar #empowering #women #inspiring #midwest #conference

Community Reporter

Lawrence is a small business owner, Marquette University graduate, and community reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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